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Creativity As Skills

Creative as skillsThe best way to become creative thinkers is acting like a creative thinker. Let's see how the attitude of creative people. Creative thinkers are:

* Questioning everything
* Generate ideas
* Looking for what might work better
* Break the paradigm
* Taking action

Creative thinkers ask about everything
For people who are creative, curiosity is a way of life. They are curious, adventurous. They must know what is causing all things. As a child, they peek behind the television set to check if there are little people who enter from the rear exit. Also while we are installing cabinets or are cooking, they surely will try to help. Great creative thinkers in the following technical innovation and new ways of thinking about things, just by following their curious nature. We can develop this ability by practice. Start by familiarizing ask why and how. Challenge all things and all people.

Creative thinkers to produce ideas
The best way to get a great idea is to generate many ideas. The more ideas we have, the more intense our choice. An inventor, Dr. Yoshio Nakamata, 2300 patent holders, encouraging creative thinkers, "Fill your brain, keep pumping information to it. Give your brain a lot of raw materials. Then, give him a chance to cook it. "Do not judge ideas as we collected it; still plenty of time to do it later.

Creative thinker looking for what works better
Creative thinkers do not accept everything as it was. They are always looking for ways to improve the situation. Management consultant Fred Pryor says that creative people see what others see, but they are not thinking about what other people think. Creative thinkers do not see a problem, they see challenges.

Creative thinkers break the paradigm
Paradigms are important - we all need a set of rules and how to frame the idea to work in our world. However, we can become too dependent on the paradigm of convenience. The creative thinker does not afraid to discard the old paradigm to make room for new ones. They believed to break down boundaries.

Creative thinker to take action
Creative thinkers bring the idea to succeed. They use their creativity not only to ask, gather ideas, and create new ways of doing things, but also to create a mean of realizing the idea. They are workers. They know what is needed at every steps because they care about their surroundings, will be the tendency and possibility. They are the tempter-market. They look for actions that are needed in bringing a plan to reality. Not all creative workers, but all creative people who succeed are the workers. Action is the distinguishing factor between those who only dream and those who succeed.

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