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Cerpen Bahasa Inggris: Internal Battle

Sudah lama rasanya tidak menerbitkan cerpen Bahasa Inggris yang memang langka untuk pengarang Indonesia. Bisa saja sebenarnya mencomot cerpen cerpen Bahasa Inggris karangan native speaker yang sulit menemukan cela. Namun, sesuai semangat kita cerpen Bahasa Inggris karya anak bangsa adalah yang utama, berikut cerpen Bahasa Inggris kiriman Elga dari Bekasi: ---------------------- Internal Battle The world was ending. Plants were withering, animals were starving and humans were losing their humanity. It was a total chaos. Hopeless and desperate, I dragged my feet across the debris. Debris… There was just debris left. The building had been destroyed, flattened to the ground. Many of us didn’t survive and we, who survived, were waiting for our time. Nothing we could do to restore this world. It was the ugly truth. Actually, it was quite ironic. My name was Audrey Alexis Callen. Audrey meant noble strength and Alexis meant defending. In the reality, I didn’t have noble st