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Creativity As Skills

The best way to become creative thinkers is acting like a creative thinker. Let's see how the attitude of creative people. Creative thinkers are: * Questioning everything * Generate ideas * Looking for what might work better * Break the paradigm * Taking action Creative thinkers ask about everything For people who are creative, curiosity is a way of life. They are curious, adventurous. They must know what is causing all things. As a child, they peek behind the television set to check if there are little people who enter from the rear exit. Also while we are installing cabinets or are cooking, they surely will try to help. Great creative thinkers in the following technical innovation and new ways of thinking about things, just by following their curious nature. We can develop this ability by practice. Start by familiarizing ask why and how. Challenge all things and all people. Creative thinkers to produce ideas The best way to get a great idea is to generate many ideas. The mor