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Classroom Management

Classroom Management It is typical for classrooms to be set up in rows, or lately, in groups of 3-4 tables (which allow for easier cooperative learning). However, there are fundamental problems for each: In rows, studies have shown that the further back you go, the more discipline problems there are. The visual, aural and physical stimulation from the teacher is increasingly diminished as you move further back. This allows boredom to set in, and as a result, potential disruption. In groups, the opposite is true. Students are over stimulated--by the peers that are now not only next to him/her, but also across the table! There is now MORE to distract the student, leaving it harder for the teacher to keep the student focused on any frontal instruction. An alternative is to arrange the chairs/tables into a three-sided "box” shape (|_|), (with an occasional second row if room demands). In this fashion, EVERY STUDENT IS IN THE FIRST ROW! The teacher can freely move around the room while

Teaching Media

Teaching Media As every body knows language is as a means to convey ideas, opinions, and feeling among the people by oral or written ways. One of the languages which are often used as a means of communication is English. It becomes the dominant language around the world, and now more and more people use English as an international language. The acquisition of foreign language especially English as an international language has become more and more important in facing the globalization. Everyone has to be able to communicate to foreigners because there will be no boundaries among the countries. Indonesia, that is located in a strategic area, will get a strong effect of this phenomenon. Ordinary people especially the old generations might not feel the direct effect caused by the globalization. However, the young learners have to be ready as the next generation will be responsible for their better future because globalization in free trade has just started and predicted to reach a pea

Puisi Bulan Ramadhan - Puisi Ramadhan 2011

Puisi Bulan Ramadhan ini koleksi terakhir Puisi Ramadhan 2011 kami. Mudah-mudahan dalam waktu dekat akan ada karya terbaru dari web ini, selamat merenungkann isinya. ---------------------------- MADAH CINTA DAN BULAN RAMADHAN KU Kali ini bulan ramadhan tiba lagi! Seperti biasa ramai umat islam berpuasa... Aku tidak pasti berapa ramaikah yang berpuasa kali ini... Kadang-kadang aku terfikir... Cuaca tidak menentu Kadang-kadang panas dan kadang2 hujan Kenderaan begitu sibuk dijalan raya kota Manusia zaman ini begitu ligat bergerak kesana kesini Masing-masing dengan usaha masing2 cuba mengejar kejayaan kehidupan.... Ada yang stress dan ada yang keletihan Masih adakah yang sanggup berpuasa di bulan ramadhan ini..??? Masih adakah yang mahu membersih diri fikiran hati dan jiwanya dengan berpuasa di bulan ramadhan..?? Entah..lah! Aku pun tidak tahu... Apa yang ku tahu ialah... Bulan ramadhan sentiasa bakal tiba setiap tahun! Selagi dunia belum kiamat! ------------------------------- Kamu punya

Five Books Barack Obama is Reading

Barack's Book BagWhat Obama's summer reading list says about him. Can you guess what is United State President Barack Obama reading on his summer holiday?, it must make you curious, I just pick an article from yahoo!'s hompage that realese today. A thing, I can say a president is also curous about what people or public say about him!. Ok check this article out! Even the news media have their vacation rituals. One of them is overinterpreting the presidential summer reading list. Monday the White House obliged, offering the list of five books president Obama has packed for his trip: What does this list of American authors tell us about the president? Well, it's not as fun as the year Bush decided to read Camus' The Stranger. George Bush reading a French Existentialist is like Obama reading a Cabela's catalog. Plus, it was a story about a one-time layabout turned unrepentant Arab killer, which, if you wanted to overinterpret things, gave you enough material to get