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A call to … - Lirik Lagu Air Hostess For Vacation

Song and Lyric : Air Hostess For Vacation

Open the morning window ..”hello the sunshine..”
I still see u like yesterday,i see every body walk
Blanket pull me back to dreaming.
Child is mocking out there
Sun warming up the coffee on the table
Clock scattered like a shit has today come on arrive ?
What is my friend are they doing?
I can’t hear my phone rang last night

You will stay nothing
This become worthless if you aren’t using ur mind
I see a crashing
Everything shouldn’t be like this
Now let we go

Spread your wings and getting high
nobody is getting around
Everything seems so small up here
Use your head set and listen to the music

(o yeah ??)
Yess sir in here I’m so cozy
Yess mom in here I’m so happy
I can’t tell you about it all
Try, feel, move, and you can sit down

I feel sad if seeing you still there
But it’s up to you if don’t wanna care
We gonna fly….

Greeting to him as a captain
looking at stewardess in red dress ready for a vacation
A call to boring day

Air Hostess For Vacation sample EP


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