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Sms Romantis, Koleksi SMS 2011

Sms Romantis, Koleksi SMS Romantis 2011Sms Romantis 2011 - Hi pembaca setia StudentMagz. Malam minggu pada sik ngapain aja nih ? Daripada bingung aw ngapain mendingan, yuk intip Sms Romantis 2011 versi kita. Dijamin ga nyesel deh, buat yang udah punya pacar bisa kan kirim-kiriman Sms Romantis tahun 2011 ke pacarnya? Wah asyik deh,,selamat mengintip yah ^^

1. Sometimes we let go of someone we really love... because we know deep inside their happiness is beyond ours.

2. There has never been past tense in love, it’s just about you never did it or you will always do it.

3. “Nothing will happen to you as long as I’m here”

4. Love never fades, it just hides but it never goes far

5. Once you love, it’s when you need to learn to trust

6. The spaces between my fingers fit yours perfectly !

7. I wonder if I have a slight place in your big heart

8. When you fall in love the sky is never blue and your problems seem never exist..

9. When you determine to love, it means you accept her the way she is

10. Love is just a word until it proven to you ! So, make it true ..

Nah, dearies asik kan isi Sms Romantisnya.. Hmm gimana buat yang jomblo bisa deh iseng – iseng share di twitter atau di Facebook. Buat yang udah punya pasangan, jangan ragu – ragu deh kirim Sms – Sms Romantis 2011 ini ke pacar kamu. Dijamin si dia pasti bakal makin saying deh !! Buruan yaaa…


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