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Puisi Romantis Bahasa Inggris

Puisi Romantis Bahasa Inggris. Iya, puisi romantis bahasa Indonesia sudah biasa kita lihat, mungkin pasangan butuh suasana baru dengan bahasa asing, kenapa tidak coba kasih dia puisi cinta romantis dalam bahasa Inggris seperti yang di bawah ini?

The Reason Is You

You're the reason for these butterflies
That are fluttering uncontrollable inside of me
These butterflies will never calm
They've taken over my whole body

You're the reason for this smile
That brightens my whole face
This smile will never frown
You've unknowingly became my all

You make me feel alive once again
You've erased my past with just a touch
Chased my fears with just one glance
You broke my mold with that first kiss

I thought my happiness was forbidden
Until you took my world and killed my demons
Read into all my deepest dreams
And gave them beautiful wings

You're the reason I believe in love

- Ashlei Dankenbring -

Puisi Romantis Bahasa Inggris. Bagaimana pendapatmu tentang puisi romantis bahasa Inggris ini? Berikan kritik dan saranmu. Atau jangan-jangan ada yang punya puisi bahasa Inggris karangan sendiri yang lebih romantis, bagi-bagi dong disini....


  1. keren abizzz jd nambah inspirasi....


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