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Puisi Patah Hati Bahasa Inggris

Puisi Patah Hati Bahasa Inggris
Judul: I Can't Stop Crying Today

I can't stop crying today
My world walked out the door
With her she took my heart
For I will love no more

The hours passed like seconds
When our two hearts were one
The seconds passed like hours
After she said that she was done

She was going to love me forever
At least that is what she said
Her heart belonged to someone else
That is what her letter read

I no longer live in color
My world is black and white
I always wonder what she is doing
As I lie awake at night

I hope tomorrow is better
This is what I pray
But right now my heart is broken
I can't stop crying today

by Brandon

Puisi Patah Hati Bahasa InggrisPuisi Patah Hati Bahasa Inggris.
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