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Pidato Tema Kesehatan Bahasa Inggris

Teks Naskah Pidato Tema Kesehatan Bahasa Inggris
Judul: Healthy Lifestyle

My Beloved Brother,
Healthy is very expensive and sometimes we can not buy it. Money, big house, sport car and everything we love is meaningless. So keep our health earlier before got an ill.

The problem is that people unknow about how to keep their body from the sickness. They only have little vision about healthy, rarely they or we who know good custom and lifestyle for their or our health.

My Beloved Brother,
On this occasion I would like to share my opinion about healthy lifestyle which I practice on the other day, and it works. There are four points to keep our health which you can easily implement it on daily activity.

1. Healthy Morning
Morning is a good time to do little exercise, push up, sit up or just do jogging. The main task in the morning is make your body wet of sweat. After that take a bath regularly every morning. The last, get breakfast. Breakfast is very important, imagine that our body do not supply by anything for the last time we ate at night. Mankind need extra energy to start their life.

2. Healthy at Night
Brushing teeth, washing face and may be take a bath before night comes is a recommandation from every experts. Before take a rest, make sure that our body is clean. More, do not ever oversleep. Oversleep will decrease your next day fresh energy, please maximize this one. You know brother, based on reseachers, wakeful or little sleep will shorthen your life.

3. No Drug and Alcohol
In several research and reality, drug and alcohol will shorten someone life, both of them is going to eat your age. And religions disallow to close that forbidden things. Especially drug, it will really bring you to jail and dead.

4. Save in Financial
Do not be consumtive, save some of money, just spend money only for main priority for life. Don't buy something useless and unuseful, believe or not by saving allowence will make your mind happy because sometimes it will become big in number.

My Beloved Brother,
At the end, we hope we can practice this four points of Healthy Lifestyle and make a wish we get healthy always, may God bless us amin...


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