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RIM to Build Server in Indonesia?

RIM to Build Blackberry Server in IndonesiaHot issue and topic in Indonesia right now is that, the Minister of Information and Communication is going to ban Blackberry service in Indonesia. The reason is simple, Blackberry through Research in Motion (RIM), vendor of Blackberry, declines to block porn sites and porn contents from their service.

Pro and Contra come from citizens, young Blackberry users. Most of them disagree with Islamic Party Politician Ministry, Tifatul Sembiring's decision. Sembiring plans to ban Blackberry's service is reasonable; this is caused by the intensity of porn sites circulation accessing through Blackberry. The banning will take action within this week.

Some institutions and communities looks agree to the ministry’s decision by forcing RIM to build Blackberry server in Indonesia. One of the institutions that forces RIM to build Blackberry server in Indonesia is Anti-Corruption Commission of Indonesia (KPK).

It is not clear exactly, whether this decision is helping to decrease porn sites circulation or not. But many Indonesians is just wonder about two hot issues about internet in the country, if the Ministry really has power to ban Blackberry service and, if RIM can be forced to build Blackberry server in Indonesia. (StudentMagz.Com)


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