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Barack Obama First Movie, Film

Barrack Obama First Movie FilmBarack Obama becomes the most popular person in the universe for recent two years, exactly when he - for the first time – ran for United States of America Presidential Election in 2009. Some books have written for his name but, no fim is created for him.

He is really phenomenon, because he is the first Afro-American president in USA. The history of Barack Obama life is so long. One of his life journey has filmed by Indonsian director, it is the first Barack Obama Movie.

Barack Obama First Movie/Film
First film or movie about Barack Obama title is Obama Anak Menteng, it is called Little Obama, tells about childhood of Barack Obama in Menteng, Jakarta – Indonesia. The movie has launched July 2010 in Indonesian televisi as holiday program movie.

Little Obama is a family movie about Barack Obama life when he spent his childhood in Capital of Indonesia, Menteng - Jakarta. Barack Obama movie genre is drama. The story starts when little Obama is nine years old arrived in Menteng, Jakarta. As a new comer with complicated backround Obama get hardly adapted the situation. His childhood experience is unforgetable.

The absence of a farewell speech left bitter taste in the hearts of his friends. However, they believe that Menteng has given many unforgettable experience for Barack Obama. Even when Barack Obama won his ambition have become President of the United States (USA).

Watch Barack Obama movie, film here.


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