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SMA President, Graduates

SMA president admitted in Cikarang, Bekasi, held a ceremony on June 5 for its 59 graduates, class of 2010.

Most graduates have been accepted at universities at home and abroad, including the President of the University, the University of Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology and the universities of the Netherlands and Australia.

During the ceremony, the performance of some high school students were recognized for their achievements. Felix Hartanto prominent school for three consecutive years, Feri Priatna is already shining on the national scene and Marcheilla Gowtawa signed his name at the provincial level.

''Since it was established seven years ago, SMA President is able to engrave his name in some of the events observed. For example, one student became a member of the national flag Adding Team State Palace. We will never give the opportunity to participate in cultural and student exchanges in the United States, Japan and France, and we are engaged in national and international scientific Olympics,'' said Syonanto Wijaya, chair of President University Foundation.

SMA President and SMA Taruna Nusantara has worked with Magelang in coordinating programs and the quality of teaching and using English as the language of instruction in many schools.


  1. kok sma presiden punya satpam yg kayaknya ga berpendidikan ya,,,tai banget tuh satpam bukanya ngedata tamu yg datang,malah ngobrol bukan di tempatnya jaga,nunjuk2 dari kejauhan,,,norak banget sma tarap internasional ada satpam kayak gitu,,,orangnya yg kumisnya tebel yg jaga hari ini jam 11:00 tgl03 mei 2011..tai tuh...


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