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How Formula 1 is Constructed as a School

how formula 1 is builtWhen I went to school I could not wait to complete school and enter the world. I always imagined he would be a magical and mysterious world. But years later, when I walk through the paddock of Formula 1 on the sports star, I can not help but notice the resemblance between the two really are. In fact, nothing has changed. In the world of Formula 1 drivers behave like high school students. You really smart children, as Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher, who sits on the front of the class. The least talented of them end up on the back of the net. Now, it is by no means a fixed position. If a student studies very hard and excels as Sebastian Vettel, he can easily make the jump to the back of the class and join the leaders at the sharp end of the network, and vice versa.

team leaders in Formula 1 are equivalent to the classroom teacher. His job is to keep all in order, making sure they are in constant progression and, most importantly, a step ahead of the other classes. Although team officials would like to think they are charging, they are not. Everyone has to meet the man who really controls the Formula 1. Enter Bernie Ecclestone, the head of Formula 1. Bernie is the mastermind behind the whole show. It also determines the channels to get to host a race.

Of course, there would be at school, if there is no evidence, right? For the F1 driver, his analysis is each race weekend. All the study and mastery of the circuit of his car to test every Grand Prix, when he has his heart out and race results. Rain or shine, whether it is healthy, or feeling under the weather, the drivers here and participate. Unless, of course, was seriously wounded, as Felipe Massa last season, so he is sick doctor note for the remaining period. And like all major exams, the supervisors are always present, make sure it complies with all the rules and, if necessary, punish those who do not. The only difference is that the kingdom of Formula 1, they are known as the Federation Internationale de Automobile, or FIA short, the administrative body, many motor racing events.

The truth is all there is little difference between life in school and the world of Formula 1. Oh, except maybe the fact that while the best student in the school receives a blue ribbon, the world champion of Formula 1 can pocket $ 20000000 $ check. Small difference.

Sanjeev Palar for The Jakarta Post


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