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Let's Plant

Legal sow said, "We got the result after doing the work." We dig up the soil and water the seeds (business), wait (patiently), and then picking. Patient effort = results

Let's see the mango tree in the garden. Ever thought of how they grow from seed? Maybe we need some seeds to grow a mango tree. Some of us might ask, "Why do we need so many seeds to grow just one tree?"

From here we can learn from nature, namely: "Most seeds do not grow. So, if we really want something to happen, you should try more than once. "

This means: To get a job, it is possible if we are going to attend the twenty-one interviews. To get shoes that fit, we will try to eleven pairs of shoes. To get someone good, maybe we will meet a hundred people who are not good. It also means that people who succeed, they will fail more often - they plant more seeds.

Remember, the key to success is PATIENCE!

Sometimes we forget this key. Sometimes the question arises, "If I plant peas today, what will I get tomorrow?" And the answer is, "The seed nuts are wet." The law of sowing also said, "We're growing and we harvest today ... later!" Planting nuts now, picking the beans in four months.

Dina says, "Promote me, and I will stop late in the office." Thomas said, "Raise my salary and I will not be sick anymore. Sani said, "If I have a good relationship, then I'll be well on my boyfriend." Everything is wrong. We need a business first. When we understand the "Law of Sowing," we are not so disappointed. We no longer feel like victims.

The laws of nature are not things to be defined themselves. We just need to understand - and work with him.


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