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South African's Slang Words and Language

south african's slang words and languageAs in Indonesia and many other countries, South Africa also have a lingua franca (slang) that is unique. For those who wants to go to the World Cup 2010, please read to this brief lesson about some South African's Slang Language.

Howzit. Greetings are quite common in South Africa. Is an abbreviation of 'how is it going'.

Bru. The short of 'brothers'. Greetings used at close male friend. For example, 'Howzit Bru? "

Yebo. Zulu language (one of the tribe with the largest population in South Africa), which means 'Yes', and is now used in almost all areas of South Africa.

Jozi. Another name for the City of Johannesburg. Often also called Joburg.

Lekker. African language which means 'extraordinary', 'fantastic',. Can be used on a particular person or object.

Ag Shame. Expressions of sympathy or when disturbed by something.

Eish. The statement calls for the time being irritated, angry or disturbed.

Braai. African indigenous language that refers to a party roast, which is generally equipped with specially made sauce.

Sharp. A sign will consent to something, though also used to say good-bye. He is generally called twice (Sharp-Sharp).

So, have you another South African's Slang words and Language


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