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Cost of Internet Access in Indonesia: Cheap?

Internet Tariff in Indonesia, cost of internet accessTariff for subscribing Internet Connection in Indonesia was cheap. It was based on Muhammad Budi Setiawan statement to the media several days ago. Budi is General Director of Indonesian Post and Telecommunication. So, it is a dream for those who wants to decrease Internet tariff, Budi said, it is difficult.

''Our Internet Rates (Indonesia) is cheap, and now we no longer talk about that, but more to pursue quality,'' said Budiman while attending in APJII 2010 and IPv6 Summit which is hold in Padma Resort Bali, 8-9 June 2010.

Quality is the main issue on internet service provider. Eka Indarto as Head of Research APJII added, the availability of internet access in Indonesia is now easier and more broadly than ever before.

"But now the issue is not just a matter of price (tariff), but has led to the quality of experience when people enjoy the Internet," said Indarto.

Internet tariff, Cost of Internet Access, in Indonesia counts based on how long the time an user spends their time using internet service. In several district, internet an user has to pay 3000,- to 5000,- rupiahs per hour or less than a dollar per hour. Is it cheap?


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