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Again, Indonesia is GEC World Champion

Indonesia won Global Enterprise Challenge 2010Evergreen Team which is the representative of Indonesia in the event of Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) in 2010 determined to defend the title won in 2009 GEC years ago. Especially this time Indonesia acting as host.

"Last year we won, Indonesian children are able to make the world a problem solution. They have an incredible ability, "said Professor Yohannes Surya, GEC deputy chairman of the local committee in 2010.

Last year, Indonesia won the champion by producing works about food waste including a plate that read slogans in order not to waste food and create a device recycling leftovers to be used as animal feed.

NASA's challenge this year raised questions about the issue of family games in 2030. Evergreen team consisting of Rully Kaltim origin, urges Sukmadewi from Bali, Jayapura Emri Aronggear origin, origin Genewin Bekasi, Jakarta Halbert Chong origin, and Muhammad Galih Wicaksono Bogor origin is now racked his brain to make a product that can amaze the judges.

"We think our game that will teach kids how to do socializing between them all and also the environment," said Muhammad Galih Wicaksono, a member of the Evergreen team, representatives of Indonesia, in Kuta, Monday (06/14/2010).

"We hope the children will be more aware of social problems they face," added Galih explain the concept of the products they make in the GEC challenge this time.

GEC participants consisting of 14 countries was given by the jury during the 24 hours starting at 14:00 pm to make a product ranging from business plans to marketing. Completely summarized in three minutes and the recordings will be presented to the jury through the internet, on Tuesday, June 15, 2010. (Muhammad Hasanuddin/Kompas)


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