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Malaysia Language TV Serial in Indonesia TV

TV Serial or what we call it Indonesia Sinetron that uses Arabic ends. However, other TV serial that uses Malay as language combine with Sundaness and Indonesian replaces those phenomena. It was surprise that the Malay language that it uses is not Riau Malay but Malay of Malaysia Kingdom.

TV industry just response the market (Watcher), but the problem is, is there any house family of Indonesia like to watch it? Ok just conclude that The TV wants to drive house family of Malaysia but, I am afraid that no one in Malaysia to watch it, because the actors pronounce Malay so bad.

As people of Riau Malay who is near and know about Malay that Malaysian people uses, I saw and hear many wrong structures, words and pronunciations of Malay language that actors and actress uses in conversation. There are too much mistakes, for example, when an actor say word of "of course". As I know, Malaysian people is rarely using that word, they usually say "tentu or tentulah".

Nevertheless, I can smell why the director wants this TV serial is shown. He wants take the moment of Manohara Odelia Pinot, He suppose that, many people in Indonesia are excited about the case... I think the director is gambling.


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