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Teaching Media

Teaching Media

As every body knows language is as a means to convey ideas, opinions, and feeling among the people by oral or written ways. One of the languages which are often used as a means of communication is English. It becomes the dominant language around the world, and now more and more people use English as an international language.

The acquisition of foreign language especially English as an international language has become more and more important in facing the globalization. Everyone has to be able to communicate to foreigners because there will be no boundaries among the countries. Indonesia, that is located in a strategic area, will get a strong effect of this phenomenon. Ordinary people especially the old generations might not feel the direct effect caused by the globalization. However, the young learners have to be ready as the next generation will be responsible for their better future because globalization in free trade has just started and predicted to reach a peak in relatively short period of time.

Heavener stated that as international language, many communities in many countries in this world use it. English plays an important role in every aspect of human life, such as communication, economics, education, science, and technology (1965: p.2). English is mostly used in the world. We know that it is also needed in the scientific fields as a mean of expanding science and technologies written in English. The mastery of English by Indonesian people could be significant requirements in order to be successful in the process of getting science and technology. It is reasonable enough to learn it since English plays an important role.

The importance of learning English could be seen from the fact that most scientific books are written in English and the students are supposed to comprehend those books. According to English curriculum, English teaching covers four skills, namely reading, listening, speaking and writing. The four skills are supported by the learning of language elements. They are structure, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling. Therefore, vocabulary is one of the important language elements the students should master. Vocabulary includes collections of words. The words are known not only as individual words, but also as a group of words that have meaning.

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