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Contoh Lesson Plans

Lesson plans can include much more than indicated here. For example, materials needed assessments, evaluation procedures, etc.

The information given here is meant to be the quick and efficient, but highly effective way to develop daily lesson plans. Notice that the thinking and mental structuring parts of lesson plans are completed before the written format is begun.

It is very important that the exact examples needed be actually written in the lesson plan. This is important for several reasons. Poorly selected examples and no examples that are given to students can be confusing, and can actually lead students to false conclusions that the teacher never intended. For example, if the lesson plan given above had only these types of examples and problems for the students to do 4 + 1 =, seven + one =, five + one =, etc., then some students would conclude that it is only possible to add 1 and no other number!

Remember to always write the exact examples and no examples in the lesson plan. This avoids giving students very poor examples by poor planning, and gives the teacher a quick reference whenever he (she) loses her place or train of thought of any reason.

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