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Manohara: Dreaming to be a Princess

Who is Manohara? Who knows about Manohara? What happen to Manohara? Manohara is Kelantan's Princess of Malaysia? Or Manohara is Indonesian girl?

It is too late to discuss about Manohara (complete Manohara Odelia Pinot) east Indonesian girl who got married with the prince of Kelantan, Fachry. First issue to spread is Manohara is kidnap by the prince. Kidnap is the first issue that public know about Manohara.

News tells that she is kidnap and hurt in Kelantan, Malaysia. Actually that is not the truth or could be the truth.

Here, we talk about opinion. Manohara Pinot gets married with Prince Fachri when she was sixteen (16) years old. It is very very young. In Indonesia, we are not allowed to marry a girl who is under 18 years old but, Manohara Pinot did it in Kelantan, Malaysia.

Manohara is a beautiful model, too young... I think, she is dreaming to be a princess. Who does not agree when a little girl play a doll, and she tells herself as princess. It is a dream, is not it?

Now, Manohara escapes from Malaysia through Singapore. She looks very happy; she is like a little girl who just gets out from the prison, what is really going on with her. Does someone there hurt Manohara? Manohara's case is not just a family problem anymore; this is talk about a good relationship between two countries, Indonesia (Manohara) and Malaysia (Fachry).

Manohara’s case coincides with border of two countries' problem. Ambalat: between Indonesia and Malaysia. Malaysia’s war ships enter Indonesian territory illegally many times, it is serious problem. So there are two homeworks which have to solve by the two countries, Manohara Pinot and the Ambalat.


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