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How to boost blog traffic dynamically

It was an old question, How to boost website traffic. I do not sell to you my speech, writing, joke and I will not waste your time. I myself realize in boosting my blog traffic from 240 unique visitors a day to up to 700. So, I use - How to boost blog traffic dynamically – as this article’s title.

Many cases I have faced that, there are several blogs have ton of articles but less in traffic. And I myself actually have faced it too. There are only simple tips to solve that problem, how? Just keep reading until the end.

There are some stages that we have to pass in how to really boost our blog traffic: The essential one is content. Blog content is the King, you have nice contents and user will come to your site.

User friendly. Your blog has to a user friendly site; make our traffics enjoy surfing trough it. Let them easy to find other exciting things be sides what are visible in the homepage, let them dive deeper. How to do that? Put additional content like “hottest issue today” “most commented article”, or “most wanted all the time articles” and etc.

Search Engine friendly. Afford that search engine bot loves our blog, How to do that? Do update as often as we can, at least we have to update our blog content once a day. Another factor that search engines will fall in love with our blog is, avoid what they hate. For example, Google does not like hidden text, too much flash, too many keyword and many more that I will explain in the next article or you can find in Google Webmasters’ page. And do not forget, search engine like Google loves original content so, avoid “copy-paste” content.

Site Monitoring. Monitor our site’s traffic, we have to know what activity are the users do in our blog, what is the most content that they like? We have to know what content that can make them come back to our blog again, what content is the most wanted? And we also have to know from where the traffic comes, if they come from Google we have to identify what keyword that they use and which page they land.

To monitor your traffic, I suggest you to use sitemeter service, I use it myself. From this tool we know from where the traffic comes so, we can analyze where our article position is when the traffic type a specific keyword, why do they click our article? We have to know all of these.

Optimize article title or blog title. Our blog title must relevant with keyword that we wanted traffic comes from. If you have monitored the user who comes from Google, and you find that your article with keyword A is in the third position, try to optimize the title, suit it with the keyword and see the result.

If you did all of my tips in how to boost blog traffic dynamically above, I am sure that your blog traffic will be boosted! What is the reason? I can do it so, will you tell me you can not?


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