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Course for College Students

Are you a college student? Ok, let me share you something that I found just now. It was OSU Ohio State University ECON 642 on CourseHero.Com. Course Hero is an open coursework website for college students like us. You now, it is free to join by using your face book account, it is cool!

On course hero we can get study guides, we can join study groups and meet other students around country, don’t you trust me, and it is a Face book Application Partner. On the forum, we can find study guides, homework solutions, papers; economic problem answer and exam answer keys.

All of these documents, I can conclude millions documents, are submitted by students! All is free if you join the course. Below, what does a student say about OSU Ohio State University ECON 642 on Course Hero?

“Many times, students learn best from other students, their peers, rather than from a teacher. Course Hero provides such a forum for students to teach students.” She is Somerset Perry from Georgetown University!


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