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Blogger Told About Britney Spears' Song

I just found the opinions about Britney Spears in one of popular site in USA, on that there are some bloggers comments about one of Britney Spears' song freely..

Here's a roundup of online reactions to the song:

• The blog Blueprint to Buddha's Life writes: "I can't lie, I actually love this song. The beat is addicting as hell and reminds me of Justin Timberlake's songs on his album."

• Bethonie Butler on's Popwatch blog agrees. "My snap judgment: I don't hate it! I actually kind of (come closer) like it. The best part of the song isn't Britney 'singing.' It's her opening line: 'It's Britney, b----!' . . . This is definitely a dance track – one I could admittedly be seen singing at the top of my lungs on the Van Wyck Expressway."

• Blogger Perez Hilton, who leaked the track on Thursday night, is a fan as well. "It's not bad. It's not amazing. But it is very good, considering our girl's a little rusty."

• Another snarky blog, Dlisted, also had a positive reaction: "It's not completely terrible."

Well, you have another opinion about Britney Spears songs, upss.. you do not have her songs, come on man, find it out.. :)


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