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Barrack Obama is only a Symbol?

All hopes were coming when Barrack Obama is elected with major voice in United States of America’s election. He became USA president, the first president of Afro-America. The great history to tell from Uncle Sam’s country.

Barrack Obama brings much homework with him as a president, economic recession and war. One hope is going better right now, it was the economy. So, what about the war? In fact and we have to accept that Obama also like the war! Obama is never serious in taking back USA army in Iraq. He was only calm when Israel bombed Palestine, He loads more troops in Afghanistan, the last is USA begins to hit Pakistan and will fight Iran.

I do not understand until today, why does USA still hold Iraq, war against Afghanistan, allows Israel bombing Palestine and many other business that disturb other countries own business. Where are you Obama? are you like someone opinion that said you are only a symbol.

There are other persons who manage Obama as president, what will be done, what is the decision that will be taken. Like there is a director behind the scene, and Barrack Obama becomes the actor or the symbol.


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