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The Most Controversial Male Musician of Indonesia

Ahmad Dhani, Yeah... Ahmad Dhani is the most controversial male musician in Indonesia, my country... there is always controversial thing. Ahmad Dhani has started showing his talent from child, like his sons (Al, El and Dul that popular with their song Bukan Superman right now) Ahmad Dhani has a big talent in music.

All music instruments, what it was, just say them one by one Ahmad Dhani can play it all well. He divorced with his wife who is also popular singer in Indonesia, Maia Estianti. Actually, Dhani is an arrogant artist in Indonesia; so many cases faced him in his band's career.

Dhani established Dewa 19, and now, that band became one of legends band of Indonesia in spite of others band like Koes Plus, Slank and etc.

Why Ahmad Dhani is called "The most controversial musician"
It is because of his behaviors. Arrogant, careless statement, cold, bull headed his domination in group. He has ever demanded by a businessman because of his statement, demanded by FPI (Islam front Protector) because of his album cover, demanded by ministry of education and culture of Indonesia because his video clip and many others. But, as musician, who does gainsay his achievement, his prestige. He is a good singer and one of the best composers in Indonesia nowadays.

Ahmad Dhani also has produced some "prestige" new singer and band. We can see Duo Maia, Dewi-dewi, The Rock and the hottest one is Lucky laki whose members are his sons Al, El and Dul. Ok readers, who is the most controversial musician, actress or actor in your country?


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