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Indonesian Parliament Election April 2009

Time to vote who will be the vices of Indonesians’ voice in parliament. Members of parliament in Indonesia establish much important decision for the country. But, also not a few scandals and cases engage the members of parliament. Corruption, crisis of morality, materialistic, glamorous and disciplinary challenge new members that will be voted.

A parliamentarian has responsibility to hold a brief to people not to party, group, class or himself. Nowadays Parliament (House of Representatives) has “another secret purpose” to be the member. You can see how enthusiast the candidate in campaign is, they spent much money and they want to take it back and it is possible that they want to gain profit.

As a legislative assembly, a member of parliament has an obligatory to help citizen, no another thing.

There is old issue named Golput, Golongan Putih (people who made decision to not vote in election). This is not little problem. Absolutely it is caused by “another purpose of candidate”. But, as a good citizen we have to make decision, wish or not we have to vote…


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