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Core Knowledge of Teacher

At last, there are five core knowledge of English teacher. The core knowledge which is teachers has to have. Actually, as an English teacher, at least we have to have three aspects.

1. Practical Knowledge
2. Content
3. Contextual

Core knowledge of English Teacher
Practical knowledge: Ability which is a teacher should have are teacher training and teaching practice

Content: English teachers must understand about Basic English knowledge such as grammar, structure, pronunciation, writing, error analysis, semantic, syntax, literature and elt, prose and other English competent ion.

Contextual: As a leader of change, teachers have to know about norms, good morality and value. So, teachers have to learn about educational psychology to analyze learners, and they have to understand spiritual psychology too.


  1. for more, I suggest that all of the teacher must be pass of my training.

    Do you agree?

  2. guru : orang yang digugu dan ditiru

  3. teacher always give our knowlegde n support to our succes

  4. not all teacher do that with support


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