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Alexa, Boost My Rank Please...

Yes... so far my Alexa rank growth is good. I did my Alexa Secret theory to lift this site rank based on Alexa sparky. The theory is mine but, I am not too serious in applying it so, my Alexa Rank goes up slowly.

Before I do the Alexa Rank theory in the beginning of March, my rank is bigger than 1.300.000, - and now you can check it by seeing my Alexa widget below, in footer. May be you ask me why I want Alexa to boost my rank? Yeah, yesterday my site rank fallen.

I want my Alexa rank higher, What for?
First, I want to make sure that my Alexa Rank theory is absolutely right. Second, this is all about prestige, the prestige of this site. Although it is free but, it has to credible, because I developed it more than a year and now is the time to develop it more serious.

What do you think if this page has its own domain and hosting?. And I have a plan to buy a Dot Edu (e.g. and host it in blogspot. Why do I choose Dot Edu? Not too long until I become an English teacher for my students, I want this page becomes my students’ reference although my English here is bad but, I hope one or two years forward my English is excellent. Ok, pray for me.

So, What about my Alexa Rank? Forget it…


  1. nice info...thanks 4 visit my blog

  2. Setelah melewati akhir bulan yang cukup sibuk, akhirnya baru bisa mengunjungi blog sahabat sekarang. Cheerrss....

  3. Ranking Alexa gua sekarang juga terjun bebas terus tiada henti:)

  4. Siiipppp, emang kudu menulis tentang Alexa
    Di Riau Pos ada yang namanya Idris alumni UIN jogja?


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