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How to Write, Create, Make a Good Review

Nowadays, many bloggers join with ''blog as money maker''. They write, create, and make a review about sites, products and software’s. They get paid of it.

It was a problem when their review is not good. Write a good review can be a difficult or easy job, but many bloggers, especially non-native English such as Indonesians, They will face this problem. Problem is how to write a good content or review it selves in English.

So far, I am myself not interested yet in review. But, I have tips from my lecturer in campus in how to write a good paragraph. Ok guys, I am still an English learner in Indonesia, you know.

The lecturer said that, to write a good paragraph we have to follow a system, we have to write a review systematically. At least there are 3 components in a review: Topic, Topic Sentences and Support sentences.

For example, we want to write a review about study in London.
- The topic is: Study in London

- The topic sentences:
1. London is the most comfortable place for you who want to study English and Law.
2. Many successful English lecturers in Indonesia graduated from London.

- Support Sentences:
1. a. London is a large city with heterogenic citizens, many students all over the world study there.
b. London has many library and museum and historical building as places to find information’s

2. a. Most of English lecturers in Indonesia who are successful in their carrier graduated from London.
b. Their experiences in British make them very valuable for their university. And so on....

It is a simple review, is not it? What do you think about my tips? If you have better tips in how to write, make, create a review well, and just share your knowledge here, ok!


  1. wahh blog dolar nih..
    ajarin dong biar ikutan dapat dolar juga nih hehehe

  2. wah makasi tips cara menulis review. tapi mas, banyak blogger yg mengeluh karna PR blog nya anjlok bahkan jd 0 krn ikutan paid review.

  3. Nyerah.....Bendera putih deh klo dah pake ne bahasa.....he..he...

  4. bentar bro...
    aku cari google trasnlate dulu

  5. sip dahhhh artikelnya
    tapi sayang basa inggris

    wkwkwkw, bendera setengah putih dah
    mudeng dikit2

  6. blog yang bagus ...
    met berkarya terus bos ...

  7. thank you for your information bro,,

    but i'm stil confuse how to upluod our review??
    if we want to get paying??in our blog...

    please explain to me about thiss,,,

    visit me back yaaww..i will your answer in my comment blog...thank u...

  8. would u give me example about mean of register?

    sori bro..i'm stil confuse about that..tank you broo..


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