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How to write English as a Foreign Easily

Talk about work at home using internet connection that means talk about write and writing. Like me, I am Indonesian, I use Indonesian as "main form writing" in internet world, yeah I write English, it looks easy. My Indonesian limits the number of my visitors; only local internet surfers can read and understand my service and product. The point is I have to use a global language, it is English.

As many site author of Indonesia problem, I face it too. Using English is not easy as native English and American use it. The problem is How to Write English easily as a foreign. I think this aspect is so important be sides we have to write English well which native or foreign can catch what we write. One good news is, if we can write English easily so, people around the world can understand easily too.

Steps to Write English Easily

Well, I will tell (not to show) how to write in English easily, of course based on my experience and opinion. There are several "thing" we must have:

- Desire to use English
Desire will motivate our self to do our best in whatever we want, includes in writing English. Stop reading this article if you have no desire

- Basic English
To write in English, we have to understand Basic English. At least, three basic grammar like: how to write in Present form, past and future form. But, I do not suggest you to open junior or senior high school English book again. :)

- English Dictionary
To write English article I use some Dictionary: English-Indonesia, Indonesia-English, Cambridge Advance Learner and Linguist dictionary. If you Indonesian, you can download English-Indonesia, Indonesia-English' Dictionary free around internet. Trust me, it is useful.

- Translator
We also need translator but, I do suggest using translator only for advanced English learner. Translator result is rather bad; we have to edit it again. Because of several experiences, I do not use translator anymore.

- Edit Using Ms Word
Ms Word is very powerful software for editing English writing. It will correct our error English; I use Ms.Word before publishing my English article.

- Read the Native
One of the fundamentals step is, reading articles that is written by native English like British, American, Australian and Canadian People. Look lively their writing; take the theory and the technique.

Ok, I think that is all. As usual, if you have another good idea in how to write English easily as a foreign, how me (not tell) :)


  1. Thank you for updating my URL..Have a wonderful day and God Bless!!

  2. used google translate...hehehe

  3. Menjenguk malam, maaf baru ol nih

    *saya lom nyobain, tar mo nyoba yach

  4. pake kamusnya om gugel aja deh..

  5. Good points. Useful article. And last but not least, attracts adsense on it. :)

    Keep up your good work, Bro.

  6. heheh... kalo pake translator suka ngawur, tetep mesti benerin juga grammarnya


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