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About Xpresi and Riau Blogger

May be, some of you who ever visit this blog are still confused, what page is it, are not you? Yeah, of course you should be pain to think it.

Formerly, this page was built as Xpresi Riau Pos - a teenager magazine form Riau province, Indonesia - online edition. 3 months ago, exactly at January 5, Xpresi Riau Pos moved to new domain and in its own hosting at Now, - I call it new Xpresi forms in wordpress platform, you can find about the information here.

About two weeks in January, I did not know what to do to this page. It has more than 1000 unique content which was written in Indonesian. I think, I have to continue with new label or content, because I love this blog, it has Google Pagerank 4. And I think, I will never let it useless.

First step is, I have to change the title. And I used to change several titles for it before I got "Riau Blogger" at the end of its title. And I took decision that I have to write its content English (although I know my English is still weak). I use English as Xpresi new language, I am an English learner in my university so, and it is time to practice.

Now, I consider writing about blogging, financial, fashion, film and studying in this blog. I have no good idea for the content of Xpresi Riau Blogger. You have any suggestion, friends?


  1. slam kenal dari bandung.. keep share..

  2. salam hangat dari kalimantan bro..
    semangat ya..
    jauh amat bro???
    si amat aja gak jauh jauh kok..
    blognya emang keren, gak salah kalau mbah google ngasih pagerank 4..

  3. semangat bang....
    wow riau......kalo dr NTB jauh ga ya???


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