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Study Abroad?

Study abroad, actually is not a choice but, probably several of us want to study abroad especially in advance country like United States of America (USA) and Australia. In addition universities and education there is advanced, sometimes students want to feel how studying in foreign country where very different from their owns.

It was right that Study abroad lift the graduation status of the student becoming higher then study in his own country, because they suppose university in USA or Australia is international standard with best quality of education. But pity that many of students are constrained by their education financial.

We know that financial to study abroad like in USA and Australia is very expensive, only a small number of students in Indonesia have well financial. A number of students in Indonesia who studied abroad are in government expense, that means students got scholarship.

A large number of Indonesian students got a help from government in financial – scholarship if they study abroad. Getting a scholarship in Indonesia is easy way, with good score and submit some requirements so students could get scholarship for their expensive education cost in abroad.

In many cases, students who study abroad (in USA or Australia) finance their education cost with their own cash in the beginning. Later, in the second or third semester they got scholarship.


  1. Before studying abroad, that's not only financial support that you need to think. Actually First thing you need to think, do you ready to face different situations, most thing different academic system in other countries? Most of indonesian students who study abroad fail at their first semester, even become drop out after a year. The shame thing here, most of them got scholarship supports. So, I advice here to prepare yourselves before going abroad. There are some scholarships which provided for undergraduate studies, most of them are public company scholarships, to go study to malaysia, as example you may check for cimb scholarship or check simedarby website to apply some scholarship applications there. As i know, there were some scholarships from riau government, you need to check it.

    well, warm greeting from australia.....

  2. @Didi: wew.. thanks for the info Didi, if you have article in how to get scholarship to study in Australia, you can send it here


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