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How to Get Scholarship

Probably, there many question flow about how to get scholarship. It was true that we can not lie, in global recession situation nowadays, we as a student need scholarship very much.

At the end I try to find information to some of students in senior level who have received scholarship and I try to ask them about how to get scholarship.

- Score. Your lesson score determined whether you get scholarship or not. Study hard in order to get good score. Higher score is better.

- After got your lesson score, a good score, you may request your transcript. Higher your score, your chance to get scholarship is bigger.

- Request a certificate that tells you an active student. AS a university Student you have to be diligent in attends the lecture. Because it also determined whether you proper to get a scholarship or not.

- Make a letter recommendation from neighborhood association where you live. This is also for determining your family financial condition, you are reasonable to receive scholarship or not. If you a rich, the chance to get scholarship is lower.

- Find scholarship resource. There are various types scholarships source but you have to accurately to find the info. Usually source of scholarship come from government, company, foundation or corporate. You can also find scholarship info by internet; try to check the references below.


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