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First Paper Money in the World

It was right that the idea to use paper money in the world for the first time was Chinese people. According to historical record, we can find it in Han Dynasty when Han Wu-di held the empire (2 B.C.). Paper money that was really made by paper appeared for the first time in this world was in Song Dynasty, in 11 century. At that time, there was medium of exchange like a sheet which was made by doeskin. It was not valuable but, the valuable was gold which was written on it. So, the doeskin represents the gold or thing as a credit instrument. In fact, the doeskin only circulates in limited area. At that time, "paper money" only circulated in Sichuan and it could not use in another area. That paper money was produced by local government of Sichuan which called "Jiaozi". With Jiaozi, we can take bronze, silver or gold coin from public treasury or change it in private. Paper money in that age was not popular because it was not durable. Paper money in Ming Dynasty was more

Sociolingustics and Scope to Language Learning

Sociolingustics and Scope to Language Learning ------------------------------- Are you English Department student? do you learn Sociolingusics and Sociolingustics and Scope to Language Learning?. Actually it is about sociolinguistics to, if your lecture order you to make a paper about Sociolingustics and Scope to Language Learning, so this is it! Feel free and download the material (Sociolingustics and Scope to Language Learning) below by clicking the link. - Sociolingustics and Scope to Language Learning - Sociolinguistics and Scope to Language Learning (Paper) Do you think that material is related to what you search? just tell it to us.

Level of Learning Ability

In learning process based on my lectures in campus, there are some levels. That level is given by several criteria: Ability, Belief, teaching Practice and etc. I am going to share only to levels of them: One of the levels is Elementary School level. We can identify a student who is elementary level by his ability in learning. On this level students do copying, they learn, memories a lesson exact what is written in a text without any modification. For this case, teachers have to take observed method on teaching them. The second one is University level. We can identify this level by seeing their way in learning. University level paraphrase what their teacher or lecture gave. They use another phrase to describe what is written in a text. And, as a lecture or teacher we have to use course method to teach them. So, if you are university students who are still copying in learning, you have to think twice to change you learning method, he...he...3 xs

Let's Plant

Legal sow said, "We got the result after doing the work." We dig up the soil and water the seeds (business), wait (patiently), and then picking. Patient effort = results Let's see the mango tree in the garden. Ever thought of how they grow from seed? Maybe we need some seeds to grow a mango tree. Some of us might ask, "Why do we need so many seeds to grow just one tree?" From here we can learn from nature, namely: "Most seeds do not grow. So, if we really want something to happen, you should try more than once. " This means: To get a job, it is possible if we are going to attend the twenty-one interviews. To get shoes that fit, we will try to eleven pairs of shoes. To get someone good, maybe we will meet a hundred people who are not good. It also means that people who succeed, they will fail more often - they plant more seeds. Remember, the key to success is PATIENCE! Sometimes we forget this key. Sometimes the question arises, "If I plant peas to

Katy Perry : California Gurls Lyrics

This is the lyrics of California Gurls' song, sung by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg Katy Perry : California Gurls Lyrics Song: California Gurls Lyrics by: Katy Perry -------------------- Snoop Dogg: Greetings loved ones Let's take a journey Katy: I know a place Where the grass is really greener Warm, wet and wild There must be something in the water Sippin' gin and juice Laying underneath the palm trees (undone) The boys Break their necks Try'na creep a little sneak peek (at us) You could travel the world But nothing comes close to the golden coast Once you party with us You'll be falling in love Oooooh Oh Oooooh California girls We're unforgettable Daisy Dukes Bikinis on top Sun-kissed skin So hot we'll melt your popsicle Oooooh Oh Oooooh California girls We're undeniable Fine, fresh, fierce We got it on lock West coast represent Now put your hands up Oooooh Oh Oooooh Sex on the beach We got sand in our stilettos We freak In my jeep Snoop Doggy Dogg on the

Cost of Internet Access in Indonesia: Cheap?

Tariff for subscribing Internet Connection in Indonesia was cheap. It was based on Muhammad Budi Setiawan statement to the media several days ago. Budi is General Director of Indonesian Post and Telecommunication. So, it is a dream for those who wants to decrease Internet tariff, Budi said, it is difficult. ''Our Internet Rates (Indonesia) is cheap, and now we no longer talk about that, but more to pursue quality,'' said Budiman while attending in APJII 2010 and IPv6 Summit which is hold in Padma Resort Bali, 8-9 June 2010. Quality is the main issue on internet service provider. Eka Indarto as Head of Research APJII added, the availability of internet access in Indonesia is now easier and more broadly than ever before. "But now the issue is not just a matter of price (tariff), but has led to the quality of experience when people enjoy the Internet," said Indarto. Internet tariff, Cost of Internet Access, in Indonesia counts based on how long the time an user

Tips to improve essay writing and guideline!

Essays writing is a technical process; it is not as easy as it seems. People perceive essay’s importance and technicality to be very trivial but it is not like that. Unless and until a person writes an essay of his own he can not understand its importance, methodology and mechanics. If a person needs to improve his essay writing and formatting style he needs to follow some tips with which he can make a drastic difference in writing style. Following is the discussion about the tips to improve essay writing and formatting: First of all there should be a brief introduction of the essay topic which is an overview of the whole custom essay. Introduction is the mirror of essay through which the reader can see the whole essay, so it should be given special attention. After intro, the discussion should wrap up thorough information about the topic. Discussion not only needs information but it also needs critical analysis of the topic along with your personal comments whether you agree or disagr

Top 10 Grammar Mistakes

Foreigners English are often judged on how well they write. One way to help us become a good writer is to teach ourselves to avoid the top ten grammar mistakes that we always face. 1. Starting sentences with "And." It is all right to start a sentence with "And" occasionally, but some children do it constantly. Limit your young writer to two or fewer "Ands" at the beginning of sentences in each essay. Wrong: I went roller-skating with my friends. And then we went out for pizza. And then we went home. Right: I went roller-skating with my friends. Then we went out for pizza. Then we went home. 2. Using casual speech in an essay, such as words like "wanna," "gonna," and "should of." Wrong: We wanna buy new CDs on Saturday. Right: We want to buy new CDs on Saturday. Wrong: My cousin is gonna graduate with top honors. Right: My cousin is going to graduate with top honors. Wrong: They should of studied harder for the test. Right: The

B.o.B ft Hayley Williams – Airplanes Lyrics

The lyrics is from BoB’s album the Adventures of Bobby Ray and features Hayley Williams of Paramore. Airplan Part two of ‘Airplanes’ will feature Eminem and is due to drop very soon. Read the full B.o.B Airplanes Lyrics ft Hayley Williams after the jump including stream. B.o.B ft Hayley Williams – Airplanes Lyrics Song: Airplanes Singers: B.o.B & Hayley Williams ------------------------------- [Chorus - Hayley Williams] Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now) Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now) [Verse 1 - B.o.B] Yeah I could use a dream or a genie or a wish To go back to a place much simpler than this Cause after all the partyin’ and smashin’ and crashin’ And all the glitz and the glam and the fashion And all the pandemonium and all the madness There comes a time where you fad

Manner of Articulation

On Phonology lesson, there are significants parts to learn, one of them is Manner of Articulation. University students who take linguistic subject must be face phonology and Manner of Articulation. What is the manner of Articulation? Stop; If the active and passive articulators actually touch, stopping airflow through the oral cavity completely for a brief period, the sound articulated is a stop. If you put your lips together to produce [p] pea, and hold them in that position, you will feel the build-up of air which is then released when you move from the stop to the following vowel. Further back in the vocal tract, [t] tea and [k] key are also stop sounds. More accurately, all these are plosives, the term for oral stops produced on a pulmonic egressive airstream, just as clicks are stops produced on a velaric ingressive airstream, for instance. Plosives may be voiceless, like [p], [t] and [k], or voiced, like their equivalents [b], [d] and [m]. The active articulator touches the passi

The Teaching Principle

Effective English teaching requires understanding what students know and need to learn and then challenging and supporting them to learn it well. Students learn English through the experiences that teachers provide. Teachers must know and understand deeply the materials they are teaching and understand and be committed to their students as learners of English as second language and as human beings. There is no one "right way" to teach. Nevertheless, much is known about effective English teaching. Selecting and using suitable curricular materials, using appropriate instructional tools and techniques to support learning, and pursuing continuous self-improvement are actions good teachers take every day.

How to write English as a Foreign Easily

Talk about work at home using internet connection that means talk about write and writing. Like me, I am Indonesian, I use Indonesian as "main form writing" in internet world, yeah I write English , it looks easy . My Indonesian limits the number of my visitors; only local internet surfers can read and understand my service and product. The point is I have to use a global language, it is English. As many site author of Indonesia problem, I face it too. Using English is not easy as native English and American use it. The problem is How to Write English easily as a foreign . I think this aspect is so important be sides we have to write English well which native or foreign can catch what we write. One good news is, if we can write English easily so, people around the world can understand easily too. Steps to Write English Easily Well, I will tell (not to show) how to write in English easily, of course based on my experience and opinion. There are several "thing" we mus

10 Principles of Assessment For Learning

There are 10 (ten) Principles of Assesment for learning: 1. Assessment for learning should be part of effective planning of teaching and learning. A teacher's planning should provide opportunities for both learner and teacher to obtain and use information about progress towards learning goals. It also has to be flexible to respond to initial and emerging ideas and skills. Planning should include strategies to ensure that learners understand the goals they are pursuing and the criteria that will be applied in assessing their work. How learners will receive feedback, how they will take part in assessing their learning and how they will be helped to make further progress should also be planned. 2. Assessment for learning should focus on how students learn The process of learning has to be in the minds of both learner and teacher when assessment is planned and when the evidence is interpreted. Learners should become as aware of the 'how' of their learning as they are of the 

Core Knowledge of Teacher

At last, there are five core knowledge of English teacher. The core knowledge which is teachers has to have. Actually, as an English teacher, at least we have to have three aspects. 1. Practical Knowledge 2. Content 3. Contextual Core knowledge of English Teacher Practical knowledge: Ability which is a teacher should have are teacher training and teaching practice Content: English teachers must understand about Basic English knowledge such as grammar, structure, pronunciation, writing, error analysis, semantic, syntax, literature and elt, prose and other English competent ion. Contextual: As a leader of change, teachers have to know about norms, good morality and value. So, teachers have to learn about educational psychology to analyze learners, and they have to understand spiritual psychology too.

Contoh Lesson Plans

Lesson plans can include much more than indicated here. For example, materials needed assessments, evaluation procedures, etc. The information given here is meant to be the quick and efficient, but highly effective way to develop daily lesson plans. Notice that the thinking and mental structuring parts of lesson plans are completed before the written format is begun. It is very important that the exact examples needed be actually written in the lesson plan. This is important for several reasons. Poorly selected examples and no examples that are given to students can be confusing, and can actually lead students to false conclusions that the teacher never intended. For example, if the lesson plan given above had only these types of examples and problems for the students to do 4 + 1 =, seven + one =, five + one =, etc., then some students would conclude that it is only possible to add 1 and no other number! Remember to always write the exact examples and no examples in the lesson plan. Th

Crisis, Advertisement Expenditure Rises

Although global recession struck the world, precisely Advertiseme nt Expenditure in Indonesia 2008 is raising about 19 %. AC Nielsen, an organization research wrote that Advertisement Expenditure along 2008 raised about 41,710 trillion Rupiars. In 2007 Advertisement Expenditure is only 35, 08 trillion. This rising wrote that the industrial economy in Indonesia is good while faced global recession. '' Advertisement Expenditure was not affected by global recession. Still at October 2008 Advertisement Expenditure dropped about 24 % however, it was not going long,'' said Maikarandiri, senior manager of AC Nielsen Market Research when he was presented about Advertisement Expenditure 2008 at the end of January 2009 ago. Maikarandiri also told that Advertisement Expenditure rose again at November and December because industrialist and entrepreneur value that the domestic economic condition is not too bad. He also assumes that Advertisement Expenditure in the beginning of this

Puisi Cinta: Kau Bukan Kekasihku

Satu lagi koleksi terbaru Puisi Cinta Kami ------------------ Kau Bukan Kekasihku Aku tidak mengerti Kenapa kau merasakan ini Ketika kau menjadi miliku Seharusnya aku bahagia Ketika kau disampingku Semestinya aku merasa nyaman Dan ketika Kau berucap cinta Seharusnya ku bahagia Tiadaku merasakan Bahagia denganku Bahkan ... Semuanya terasa maya Kau bukanlah kau Di hatimu ... Bukanlah diriku Ada cinta yang lain Yang mengis hatimu Dan ... Kau Bukanlah Kekasihku ------------------ Puisi Cinta yang berjudul Kau Bukan Kekasihku di atas adalah karya Gina Noviana.

Teaching and Learning Techniques

By now, all professionals in problem solving and creativity should know this. Whatever is your favorite method of solving problems or of being creative, you can take immediate advantage of it in a huge domain, the domain that pertains to all matters of education. Here is also a simple reminder to anyone involved with learning or with teaching or training - - - Hundreds of different ingenious problem-solving methods and creativity-related techniques are successfully in professional use around the world.... Convert any one of these - or all of these! - Into a super learning, accelerated learning-with-understanding method. Here is how: where one would ordinarily feature the problem statement, use one of these four questions below, at the conclusion of a lesson or a chapter: A reminder that every one of the creative problem-solving techniques - including those of ours you cited - can also serve as super learning techniques for the understanding mastery of contents. Just use a rotation of t

Indonesia is strong to face Crisis

Indonesia become a precedent for developing countries because it was able to survive the impact of global financial crisis. "From G-20, Indonesia became one of the best models in developing countries that can still survive in the area," said Chairman of the General Chamber of Commerce (Kadin) Indonesia, MS. Hidayat in Jakarta, Monday. He said, the results of the survey note that economic growth in Singapore's success surpass the minus 10 percent, so also with Korea and Malaysia.Indonesia own experience is still a relatively good growth around 4 percent. "So we still have a 'growth' is approximately 4 percent according to me is very good," He said. Hidayat add in the G-20 forum in the UK, many countries appreciate to Indonesia.In fact, according to him, in the forum, almost all the G-20 countries, making Indonesia as a model of survival that is capable of enduring the severe crisis. "Therefore, the need to continue to be assisted so that others can f

Cheat Instant Mission TP Ninja Saga Terbaru

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Gaun Pesta Campuran Korea - Batik

MAU tampil beda ke acara pesta? Sekali-kali tampil beda dengan busana yang nyetrik tapi modis. Misalnya gaun pesta kolaborasi Hanbok (busana tradisonal khas negara Korea) dan batik yang khas Indonesia. Tentu saja gaun ini sudah mendapat sentuhan modern. Seperti renda di bagian kerah gaun yang hampir menyerupai juga busana bergaya Victorian. Rok yang mengembang khas gaun-gaun kerajaan namun motif batik memberi kesan unik nan mempesona. Novita Rompis seorang pembawa acara ternama di Kota Manado menyukai model ini. "Gaun yang unik. Seperti kolaborasi nuansa Asia dan Eropa. Anggun rasanya dengan gaun ini," ujar presenter Pacivic TV ini kepada Tribun Manado, Jumat (5/8). Sri pemilik Toko Sari Fashion menuturkan model ini dipesan khusus dari Jakarta. "Ini gaun pesta yang spesial. Cocok dipakai pembawa acara atau fashion show," jelasnya. Tidak perlu memesan khusus ke penjahit, kunjungi saja toko Sari Fashion yang berlokasi di Ground Floor Mega Trade Center (MTC) Manado.Ha

Mendapatkan Pet Pockie Ninja Saga

Kali ini di edisi Ninja Saga StudentMagz akan berbagi bagaimana cara mendapatkan Pet Pockie Ninja yang kita inginkan, untuk gambarnya silakan lihat di bawah ini. Dan tips berikut sebagian diambilkan oleh sang Empu dari forum Pet Pockie Ninja dan pengalaman salah seorang pemain terbaik Game Ninja Saga: Sebelum share cara mendapatkan Pet Pockie, perhatikan gambar Pet Pockie di bawah : 1s maksudnya gears dengan 1 stats - sync value 22. 2s maksudnya gears dengan 2 stats - sync value 31. 3s maksudnya gears dengan 3 stats - sync value 39. Unbound item + Unbound item + Unbound item = Unbound item Bila pemain menggunakan item "bound" maka hasilnya pemain akan tetap mendapatkan item "bound" meskipun si pemain juga memakai item "unbound" Lanjutkan: Pet dengan "Sync value 30" + 1s + 1s = Melahirkan Pet berupa "Sync value 30" Pet dengan "Sync value 30" + 2s + 2s = Melahirkan Pet berupa "Sync value 40" (30%) Pet deng

Token Phantom Mask Hack Ninja Saga

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