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Level of Learning Ability

In learning process based on my lectures in campus, there are some levels. That level is given by several criteria: Ability, Belief, teaching Practice and etc. I am going to share only to levels of them:

One of the levels is Elementary School level. We can identify a student who is elementary level by his ability in learning. On this level students do copying, they learn, memories a lesson exact what is written in a text without any modification. For this case, teachers have to take observed method on teaching them.

The second one is University level. We can identify this level by seeing their way in learning. University level paraphrase what their teacher or lecture gave. They use another phrase to describe what is written in a text. And, as a lecture or teacher we have to use course method to teach them.

So, if you are university students who are still copying in learning, you have to think twice to change you learning method, he...he...3 xs


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