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Task Based Syllabus

Definition of Task Based Syllabus A task-based syllabus is the content of the teaching is a series of complex and purposeful tasks that the students want or need to perform with the language they are learning. The tasks are defined as activities with a purpose other than language learning, but, as in a content-based syllabus , the performance of the tasks is approached in a way that is intended to develop second language ability. Language learning is subordinate to task performance, and language teaching occurs only as the need arises during the performance of a given task. Tasks integrate language (and other) skills in specific settings of language use. Task-based teaching differs from situation-based teaching in that while situational teaching has the goal of teaching the specific language content that occurs in the situation (a predefined product), task-based teaching has the goal of teaching students to draw on resources to complete some piece of work (a process). The students

A Situational Syllabus

Definition of Situational Syllabus Situational Syllabus offers the possibility of selecting and sequencing different real life situation rather than different grammatical items, vocabulary topics, life situation ( Hammer 2003:298) In other words, it is designed in such away to provide realistic situation based on broadly communicative view of language and experimental theory of learning. The situation are presented to the students in form of dialog (usually at the beginning of the lesson, and it includes listening, memorization as well as provides the students models for student improvisation) and role plays (which are the students expected to create, supply or fill in much of the language that occurs in the situation) the content of situation can be created by materials writer or teachers or taken from real life. The Type of Situational Syllabus Alexander (in Krahnke, 1987: 41) differentiates three types of the situational syllabus based on type of information: a. Limbo Si

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Hasil Pencarian

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