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America Atmosphere in Indonesia

America Atmosphere in Indonesia, Chevron Camp road in PekanbaruDo you want a dream to feel an America atmosphere in Indonesia? Especially you who are Europeans or Americans, and live far from your home in United States, you can feel it easy right now in Indonesia.

American atmosphere or flavor is easy to find in every parts of Indonesia, one of the places is in Riau province, exactly in Chevron area in the city of Pekanbaru.

For those who enters for the first time to the area, you will feel different compared the other parts of the city. Chevron is guarded well, the officer of every Chevron gate is high disciplined. They do not let every person to pass or enter the area.

Your car, motorcycle will be inspected in the gate or Chevron checkpoint.

Come in to the area, you will see no garbage anywhere, just clean American style road is lying down to every corner of the area, the aroma, wind, road the house, building are identically America. Why? Absolutely this is an American Company and many of the workers and the citizens live within are Americans or Yankees and Europeans.

Feel free to come with reasons, because the officers won't let you come in if you do not have any really business, good luck to feel America atmosphere in a tropical area!

Photo by: Zulfajri


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