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Interest Free Loan For Students

interest free student-loansInterest Free Loan For Students in Riau? Hmmm.. let us see in the country of well educated in the world, United Stated of America (USA). Exactly, in the Massachusetts, there is a program which is called as no interest loan program for students.

That program handles that city residents who is attending post-secondary educational institutions. It was a state-funded loan. In Riau the program such as thing is simmiliar with scholarship.

The different between the two programs from two different country is that if in Massachusetts, interest free loan comes with enough amount of money for attanding an education. But, in Riau a scholarship is only funding short time needed education cost, in reality it is not enough to fund students’ education cost.

Although interest free loan and scholarship program is funded by state, but interest free loan in more promised for helping students. Riau government should adobte this educational fund program.

Who is Eligible in Massachusetts No Interest Loan?
A student must: a permanent legal resident of the city for one year prior to the start of the academic year for which the loan is awarded. United States citizen or eligible non citizen and others.

Who is Eligable in Riau Scholarship?
A Student should not permanent legal resident. So, a chance for local students to get it decreases. The rich, well-funded student can get the program. Hmmm... so, bad funded student? It is not fair! Once more, Riau should immitate Massachusetts No Interest Loan program!


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