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International Standard School Will be Restricted

RSBI International Standard School of IndonesiaDistrict / city governments need to restrict the establishment of an International Standard School (RSBI) in state schools. Restriction was made to adjust the budget capabilities of a region as RSBI operator.

The existence of schools should be limited by taking into account RSBI regional capability.

Law on National Education System requires a district have at least one RSBI, but the presence of these schools should be limited by taking into account regional capabilities, said Chairman of the Board of Education of Temanggung District, Milono in Temanggung, Thursday June 10, 2010.

Milono said, in Temanggung County there are more than three International Standard School: SMPN 2, SMAN 1, and SMKN 1 Temanggung, began in 2006 and phase II SMP 1 and 2 Temanggung High School began in 2009.

According to him, Temanggung County has three RSBI was enough, because in terms of five RSBI budget was too heavy. Although no funds from the central to the program, local governments must set aside assistance.

He added, Temanggung local income is relatively small. If there are five International Standard Schools means funds are also large facilitation, whereas public schools are more numerous still need funding. And should, he said, there are teams that evaluate RSBI phase I before plus a five RSBI.

If it was a good result can be added. However, it suddenly appeared again before there RSBI careful research, he said.


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