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Canada Youth Exchange 2010

Canada Youth Exchange 2010

A total of 21 youth graduated from high school (SMA) in the West following the selection of youth exchanges with Canada. Selection is expected to be able to find young men who truly have the ability and willingness to become ambassadors of Mataram province.

Thus expressed Youth Chairman Young Caraka Indonesia (PCMI), NTB, Fadlan Lutfi al-Hadi, the Office of Education Youth and Sports (Disdikpora) NTB, Mataram, Friday (18/06/2010).

"The selection includes English proficiency, psychology, and most of all is to what extent the ability to understand the socio-cultural conditions of their regions," said Lutfi.

Lutfi said, the 21 participants who followed the selection of student exchange programs with Canada, the only one who deserves to be sent and will be joined by participants from other provinces in Indonesia. Youth exchange program was facilitated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

He said that exchange programs have been implemented since many years and produce graduates whose numbers reach hundreds of people joined in the PCMI. These alumni usually must devote themselves first in the village that had been determined as their development village. This year, the devotion of the alumni will be held in a village in West Java area.

"Upon returning from Canada later, the entire youth of Indonesia, which was sent to Canada will practice what has been acquired during three and a half months," he said.

In addition to sending young men to Canada, PCMI also held a selection of youth exchanges with a number of ASEAN member countries and Japan, and Australia. Specific to Canada, the youth who pass the selection will be sent in mid-September 2010. (Kompas)


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