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10 Best Loved Stars of World Cup 2010

cristiano ronaldo one of the 10 Best Loved Stars of World Cup 2010World Cup 2010 South Africa’s party is not only successfully attract millions of fans round the world, but also female fans of cool male players. World Cup seems to be a 'catwalk' for the stars of the football field.

There is saying good-looking. Some say sexy. Others say the sensual. To be sure they are all not only appealing to the game on field, but also figure capable attract every women’s eyes.

Here are the 10 top football stars who could force the woman to watch the World Cup in 2010 South Africa, as quoted from page Hollyscoop.

10. Valon Behrami
Age: 25
Club: West Ham United
National Team: Switzerland

The player, dubbed the bad boy is quite easy to spot with blond hair and tattoos on both arms. His physical appearance makes many people call him as Dennis Rodman football universe. His ability to run him into the first team. If your eyes are alert, fairly easy to catch the figure on the screen.

9. Thierry Henry
Age: 32
Club: Barcelona
National Team: France

Looking at his age of over 30 years, this year might be his last World Cup. His nickname is 'Anaconda'. Many women made sprawl, not only because of his sensual, but also his French packaging.

8. Gonzalo Higuain
Age: 22
Club: Real Madrid
National Team: Argentina

By his club, he digadang-gadang become a big star. She was still young enough to still allow big achievement in the future. This French-born players have unfortunately call 'Pipita'. Call it showed that he was the son of a football player who has the nickname 'Pipe'.

7. Gerard Pique
Age: 23
Club: Barcelona
National Team: Spain
Figure pushed in between the stars 'hot' Spanish team as Fernando Torres, Sergio

Ramos, and Cesc Fabregas. Do not be fooled by his baby face appearance. Pique is one of Spain's famous stars tough on the gridiron.

6. Rafael Marquez
Age: 31
Club: Barcelona
National Team: Mexico

He is the son of Mexico's favorite team. Charm was extraordinary. Even when betrayed former wife who is an actress, Adriana Lavat, Marquez did not lose fans. His ability to play in many positions such as right-back, middle linebacker, or defensive back, making a lot of people can forgive immoral behavior.

5. Gianluigi Buffon
Age: 32
Club: Juventus
National team: Italy

He could have said as the best goalkeeper in the world. The event this time was her fourth World Cup. Pertuangannya with Czech origin model, Alena Šeredová, makes a lot of broken-hearted woman. Moreover, he already has two boys from the model. Despite owning, staring at the action on the gridiron is still valid is not it?!

4. Kaka (Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite)
Age: 28
Club: Real Madrid
National Team: Brazil

Kaka is one of Brazil's star first team. He is not just a model Armani jeans, but a great player with very good control capabilities. Behind his charm on the gridiron, Kaka is a religious man who loved Jesus. He always set aside part of their income to the church. Kaka virtually prospective owners of many parents in-law's favorite girls.

3. Yoann Gourcuff
Age: 23
Club: Girondins de Bordeaux
National Team: France

Gourcuff played football skill won him the epithet 'The New Zidane'. An esteemed compliment to a French football player. Behavior not only his physical appearance on the gridiron, but also the world model.

2. Benny Feilhaber
Age: 25
Club: AGF Aarhus
National Team: United States

When the U.S. team appear in South Africa, already we can be sure all eyes focused During his womenfolk Feilhaber figures. Men born in Rio de Janeiro is one of the stars 'heat' in the national team. Many women fantasize about her figure as a cute toy.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
Age: 25
Club: Real Madrid
National Team: Portugal

Who does not know his name? He seems to realize with all the advantages he has. No wonder if he grew up as a playboy. Numerous celebrities also fell into his arms like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

But, all the behavior of 'rogue' it seemed to pay off his abilities on the gridiron. He is the highest-paid player. Real Madrid did not even cheap to insure her legs £ 100 million or more than Rp 1.4 trillion. His charm could drown the triumph of David Beckham.

So, who is best loved football star of World Cup 2010 Sout Africa?


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