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Behind the Death of the Most-Wanted Terrorists, Dalmatin

Behind the Death of the Most-Wanted Terrorists, Dalmatin, Densus 88 Make Human Lives InvaluableDensus 88 Make Human Lives Invaluable

Is there anyone give the objection for the article’s sub-title above? It is actually as the opinion of some people. Only having some “prediction”, the police kill someone very easy.

The Badness of shooting mistakenly

- Human Right, the law state
Actually, terrorists are also as human being that has the right to protect and keep their selves. It means, they should be processed by using the law. The police cannot judge them with killing them by opening the fire on their hearth. It will be fine if someone who we have killed is really the terrorist. However, how is about the case of the term of “terrorist PREDICTION?” Only with “predict”, we kill someone??? Where is the human right taking place? Do we have the same mental with the American’s mental that exterminate the terrorists by also being as the terrorists?

- Prove, Investigation
Is there any strong prove that in your hand until you kill someone whom predict as the terrorist? Nowadays, the interception to terrorist has spread very quickly. Moreover, it is also danger. Wrongly, the police can shout our children that are in the enjoying in the garden as suddenly as possible only by having the reason of “PREDICT THE TERRORIST.”

Of course, it will be disadvantages for us to shoot all the terrorist prediction. Now, you can think simply, it will be impossible for the real terrorist to run and walk in the field of war. It will be possible for the person who run and walk in the field as terrorist in war is actually only as the pander. You can imagine for our disadvantages if the police kill any one who predicted as the terrorist. Of course, we sill have no sign to know who actually as the real terrorist? It will be very difficult for us to investigate and search for the real terrorist if we kill the entire pander that we have met.

The Mental and There is no mean of human’s soul
The police that in the term of Densus 88, have attacked the terrorist in the public. It means, the police attacked the terrorist in the middle of our society, in fact the person attached (the predicted as terrorist) indefinitely has the gun. We can imagine if our children know and see that attacking, of course, it will break their mental.

Knowing the fact that our society who predicted as terrorist killed as like an animal (shouted, bombed), means that we also support for the campaign of anti terrorist (read: America). Moreover, we should look us through that state as the mirror.

Is there any America shouted the person predicted as terrorist in the view of public? Are they bomb the house of the person predicted as terrorist?

We can see the fact that America is not vicious as like us in the term of attacking the terrorist in their state.

Actually, America found many people that predicted as terrorist, but American only bring and investigate them. American would have not chase for that predicted terrorist and shout them in the public, even as the show for the children. Densus 88 shouted in the public.

Note: IF YOU READ THIS WRITING AND YOU THINK SO WITH MY OPINION, YOU CAN COPY-PASTE INTO YOUR BLOG AND INVITE FOR OTHER BLOGGERS WHICH HAVE THE SAME IDEA TO DO THE SAME THING, we do not nurture for the terrorist. We also do not wrong our police, but we only nurture for our humanity as the INDONESIAN.


  1. Maybe, the Densus 88 leader's think he's God. so he can take other people live's as he like.

  2. they are scared of being killed. they have spies of course they have enough evidences. but they save more people of being bombed. think about it.

  3. Have the terrorist think about the victims ? Terrorists are meaningless. Kill them all,just like Metallica said. I'm a moslem,but the terrorists are wrong,totally.


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