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Cerpen Bahasa Inggris - Sea Sight of The Greece

Berikut Cerpe Bahasa Inggris, bercerita tentang orang Inggris:

Shirley was a beautiful woman of England. Yet, she was not young anymore she was 42 year old already. She lived in Liverpool, the city where she was born.

One summer, her best friend, Jane invited her to go to holiday in Greece. She never goes to Greece, she was curious about that country, so she decided to join with Jane in Holiday.

In the Greece they stayed in a hotel near the beach. There, they welcomed by a friendly man named Costas. He was the manager of the hotel. One evening Shirley went to the bar for some beverage, she found Costas stood there and they begun a conversation.

“You know, I have a boat located near this beach. Actually it belongs to my brother, but if you want, we can go for a ride tomorrow. What do you think?” said The man to her.

“Wow, it would be nice,” she accepted the invitation and she went with him next day. They enjoyed their trip very much, especially Shirley who never sails with a boat.

Actually, Shirley likes the sights of Greece, so after the first trip, she went out with the manager of hotel every day. As usual they swam, sunbathed and spent much time together in the sea. They enjoyed it very much.

The end of holiday came, Shirley had to go back. She was in Airport already but, suddenly she decided to not to go home to Liverpool, her home town. She thought, she wanted to stay in Greece. Then, this girl left the airport and went back directly to the hotel where Costas as the manager.

When she had arrived she saw Costas in the bar with a woman and she decided to hear their conversation.

“Would you like to go for a ride in my brother’s boat?” said costas inviting the woman. But, Shirley didn’t care about that and she came nearer to them.

Costas was shocked when he found Shirley standing beside him and the woman. He was extremely surprise, He got she smiled at him. Costas thought Shirley would angry with him but, she only told her purpose that she was looking for a job in his hotel.

Shirley was not angry when she knew the fact that Costas was a playboy, because She was not in love with that man but, she fallen in love with the Greece and the sea sights of it.

Bagaimana menurut anda Cerpen bahasa Inggris diatas?, ada yang punya cerpen berbahasa Inggris? silakan kirim cerpen berbahasa Inggris anda ke kami.... jangan lupa judul cerpen berbahasa Inggris ini ya.


  1. hmmm pengen mengunjungi yunani neh
    pantainya bagus lho
    sekalian mengunjungi blog ini dari yunani

  2. @Attayaya: bagusngya mengunjungi Yunani dari blog ini :)

  3. cerpennya bagus. aku juga suka bikin cerpen tapi bhsa indonesia

  4. Cerpennya yg lebih bagus ada??

  5. hummm.bagus tuh..tpi yang laen adda..kan..?

  6. waw menggoda.......

  7. ih jadi pengen...

  8. ggsgaeghwrujhnr

  9. wah,,,,crtx sruu bgt lhoeeee"""""

  10. sry rizki agustyaTuesday, 23 March, 2010

    mntep bngtz...

  11. Costas feel very proud of his brother with a sailboat and it is tempting to make the capital a woman so I gave him the nickname playboy cap perahu layar :-)

  12. wooooooooooooww,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    jdi pengen thee,,,,,

  13. Waw..

    oh iiyy..

    klo punya Fb..

    Add Dunk


  14. dalam cerpen ini sudut pandang, konflik dan karakter peran nya apa ya...???

  15. kisah yang menarik dan memberi inspirasi

  16. sngt menarik sekali dan membuat hati orang yg membacanya senang..

  17. sadari sedari kini
    Hai makhluk yang menuhankan ego
    Atas nama keinginan.
    Ingat kalian diciptakan dari dzat yang memiliki ego diatas kalian..
    Dzat yang memiliki setiap dari kehendak dan pemikiran kalian.

    Kalian hidup,diawali tanpa kebebasan untuk memilih..
    Bahkan untuk sekedar memilih dari rahim siapa kalian ingin dilahirkan.

    Lantas kenapa kalian resah,ketika pilihan kalian tidak mampu di dapatkan.?
    Lantas kenapa yang menjadi keinginan kalian ,kau merasakan kecewa.ketika semua tak mampu terealisasikan...

    Apa hak kalian,?
    Apa yang telah kau berikan untuk tuhan?
    Sampai akhirnya menuntut sesuatu yamg bukan milik kalian..

    Sadari sedari kini
    Hidup bukan tentang apa yang dipikirkan,
    Melainkan keharusan untuk menjalani apa yang sudah ditentukaan.

    sadari sedari kini.
    tuhan maha ego.
    Jika saja yang menjadi keinginan,bisa kau dapati.
    Apa jadinya ketika kita berkeinginan menjadi tuhan?
    Maka pikirkan.!

    Tuhan memang seolah memberikan keleluasaan untuk kita memilih,tapi tuhan pun menentukan mana yang menjadi sesuatu yang harus kita kerjakan.

    Tersenyumlah atas apa yang menjadi jalan kalian.
    Terima kenyataan ini.
    Kita hidup untuk tuhan,bukan untuk dituhankan.
    Atau bahkan menuhankan keinginan..

  18. so interest story but it's to short, so i undissipite it anymore.
    But all over its a nice story...hmm, i think i wanna go to The Greece, but i dont want to meet with Costas, hehe

  19. waduw... pengin ngikut ngirim cerpen bahasa inggrisnya eh koneksi lambat


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