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When Google Pagerank Update April

When Does Google Pagerank Update This April 2009

Absolutely, as web developers we are waiting for Google Pagerank updates and we want to know the result of the updating. Who does not care about this, tell me ;)

Uppss... for you who do not know yet what the pagerank is, do not worry, I will tell you (not show) first. Pagerank is Google trade mark that value a site or a page based on links in and links out. Google pagerank is different with page rank. If you want to know the details of page or website rank, find them here.

Several tycoons out there told that Google pagerank will be updated at the end of March but, others told at this April (2009). As I know Google pagerank is updated regularly about two or three month for an update, and the last update was in February 14, Valentine Day.

My prediction this site's pagerank will fall, because of losing two big links in. They are a link in with pagerank 5 and a link in with pagerank 4. I am still curious; I hope all of my blog's pagerank increase... :)


  1. wooow...wooow

    meskipun aku ngga begitu mengerti bahasa inggris,

    tapi perasaan gue mengatakan kalu postingannya itu bagus...

    thanx ya

  2. My Google PageRank now is "0" alias endok....!!! Pliz Oom Google...increase my Rank...kwakk..kkk.... Mengeluarkan jurus rayuan nggombal bedah...!!!

    LINK me Bro...biar OOm Google lebih kesengsem....

  3. thanks atas ucapan selamatnya kemarin.... :-)

  4. blog yang ene dr PR 0 ke PR 2..makasih om gug

  5. how about this blog....naek yah PR nyah?

  6. saya bersyukur bisa naik PR nya :D

  7. Wah.. selamat yach.. PR blog ini -1 angka :(

  8. Google has once again updated their search engine algorithm and Page Rank on November 2009. This has caused great joy for many webmasters, while others are scrambling to find out what happened to their websites page rank.


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