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Arabic TV Serial on Indonesia Television

Affected by Ayat-Ayat Cinta (AAC) the movie, Indonesian Television watchers become Arabic style fans. Veil sale is rising, youngster love to cheat Arabic style like the star movie of Ayat-Ayat Cinta, the movie that based on the best seller novel of Habiburrahman El-Shirazy. Now it affected Indonesians' sense.

The influence is still continuing, one of the television Channel in Indonesia has program that shows a TV serial (Sinetron) using Arabic. That TV serial is Muslimah. All of the actors and Actress is Indonesian people, none of them is Arabic.

The actors in that TV serial can speak Arabic fluently although not all of the scene uses Arabic. Like another Indonesia TV serial, this program also talks about love, scandal, gossip and conspiracy.

It so amazing that watchers are many, they do not think Arabic is strange. Yeah, although it uses Arabic, Indonesian text is available so, the watchers can understand what the actors and actress talking about easily.


  1. wakakaka, penggemar muslimah ya ?

    ampun dije

  2. ups....sorry, I do not like TV series "Muslimah" and never watch it

  3. wah.. saya gak pernah liat acara itu

  4. muslimahhh...?
    terkesan yang bahasa arab tuh membentak-bentak.. apa iya begitu dialegnya..??
    kadang sih aku lihat tuh film.. sambil lewat aja....


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