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Why does not Dmoz Accept Your Blog

I just want to talk about my other blog, Pekanbaru - Riau, that listed by Dmoz.Org in Riau category. I do not know exactly when this blog listed, that is kind and special of Dmoz, and you would not know when it accepts your site.

Well, let us jump to the main question, why does not Dmoz accept our blog? What Dmoz’s reasons are in unaccepted our blog to its directory. Before I tell you the reasons, first of all I suggest you to read here for general issue in submitting blog or site to Open Directory Project.

I am sure that some of us hope our blog listed in Dmoz. Listed in Open Directory Project (Dmoz) means: our blog is useful, good and valuable on credible Dmoz editors' eyes. Listed in Dmoz means more traffic, I do not need explain to you why about this.

Possible Reasons why Dmoz.Org Does not Accept Our Blog

- Too many external links. You should decrease the number of your external links, if you have small number of external link, it does not mean Dmoz will accept. External links have to relevant with topic or content of your site.

- Your content is not focus. Focus on specific, one or two topic only. If you have general content, you have to "smart" in choosing category for that site.

- Your content is not good enough. Dmoz editor prefer a high quality article, hard to find in other sites, unique and important.

- Too many advertisements program. Dmoz does not like your excited ads; the editors may think your site is money oriented.

- Your site is not clear. It is possible that Dmoz Editors can not find your contact on the site, like your physic address where your office or house located.

Have other reasons why Dmoz.Org does not accept our blog? Just tell us...


  1. Tadi sore susah masuk sini abang, inet abang down tadi, pa kabar nih ? met malming aja yach

  2. wah keren blognya. Apanya pekanbaru riau yah ? Mana yang duluan lahir??? lagian udah bertukar link dgn lupuz tarakan. gimana nich kalo kita tukaran link juga boleh ga ??? kalo emang bersedia, link balik yah karena saya dah pasang link blog Anda di ... ok segitu dulu. salam malming dari anak tarakan :)

  3. nice content..

  4. kapan abang diajarin neh bikin review hue he

  5. maaf sob, baru bisa membalas kunjungannya

  6. aku datang lagi neh.. setelah menghilang 1 minggu

  7. iya neh mas...dari awal ngeblog sm skrg gag di accept dmoz....

  8. mampir mbaca2 artikel kerennyah


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