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From Blogger of Pekanbaru Meeting

Begin to form a community, Blogger of Pekanbaru for the first time planned to do gathering on Saturday night, February 28 in Riau Pos, Panam - Pekanbaru. The Gathering that is planned by one of them, the blogger is called Nanlimo, was not disappointing because at least ten Bloggers of Pekanbaru came to that small gathering.

Some decisions took at that time; they will gather again at the middle of this March to point and form the community. As we knew, there are many bloggers in Pekanbaru but, they - as Penyamun Said - are still wild. There is no formal or official site which can gather them into one place.

The gathering was so simple; they sat in ground of Riau Pos' front wall and shared each other. Only a little serious conversation they made, but definitely, they have made a decision to do gathering again at the middle of This March. Hendrawan, one of Pekanbaru Blogger, hopes that the next gathering will be presented more Blogger of Pekanbaru.

Bloggers of Pekanbaru who came to the first gathering:
- Nanlimo
- Hendrawan
- Penyamun
- Taufik Asmara
- Mario
- Regie blog's
- Rizmi
- Etc.


  1. saya bingun mau komment di mana, bahasa inggris semua postingnya..., selamat dech buat blogger2 pekanbaru.
    salam kenal, terima kasih telah berkunjung ke blog saya.

  2. wah nie bikin adsense ya..moga2 di acc yuah...


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