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Easy Way Get Listed Yahoo Directory

Wow! I do not believe this fact yet, Xpresi Riau Blogger listed in Yahoo directory, and it is fantastic!

Get listed in Yahoo directory for several webmasters is not so special but for me, it is like a dream that comes true. One of my blogs listed in already and then, suddenly I got surprise again with this news.

Actually, I am still confused, Xpresi listed in what category in Yahoo directory. May be some of you also confused about this fact. How webmaster like me can submit a site in the largest website directory in the world like Yahoo directory successfully and easily. Well, just check here...

Get listed in Yahoo Directory
Ok, time to share to you the easy way to get listed in yahoo directory.
- First, read yahoo suggestion in how to submit to its directory carefully here
- Second, you have to friendly with yahoo. For example, you do not use its competitors' service.
- Your site must have "content". To get listed in yahoo directory, your site has to consider with good content.
- Your site is unique. Make sure that your site is unique in content and style. Be always different and be an alternative media so, Yahoo will happy and easy to put your site to its directory.
- Your site is clear and not under construction. Do not forget about your email for contact, base's address and check every links in your site, is there a broken link or unready pages.

The fact is, To get listed a site in yahoo directory is not as easy as I told to you but, you can dream, pray and do your best if your blog or website is really qualified to exist in Yahoo directory, good luck!

Update: Upss.. I'm sorry, it is listed in yahoo search, not in yahoo directory :)


  1. hi hendz!thanks for this link.

    keep blogging!:)

  2. nice sharing, thanks for your tutorial

  3. You're almost there... keep trying :)

    No Directory Search results were found.

    Showing Web Search results for the term xpresi:

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  4. wow, nice tutor bro...

    intips from Bandung


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