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Hollywood Undercover, The Real Facts

Ups.. This is only a short history of Hollywood ^_^

Do you know that Hollywood is formerly planned to be a model of society where free from alcohol? That area had found by Wilcox family who had bought it in 1887. Once, Mrs. Wilcox was sitting in train, next to her, there was a woman who has a summer house named "Hollywood". Appearance, Mrs. Wilcox like the sound of that name. Then, she chose Hollywood as her area.

As long as 20 years later, Hollywood is a nice village. The villagers there were no serious problem.

And ten years later, Hollywood is a village with five hundreds citizens which is still no problem, that area is easy to handle, as easy as the citizens keep their sheep in order to not to run the streets.

Ten years later, Hollywood changed becoming a center of national film industry for two reasons. The first, the weather was possible to make a film that spends much time. And the second, the film makers were often afraid about prosecution that is caused by breaking copyright. As we know this area is near from Mexico so, they can pass the border faster and they can escape from the law if it is needed.

At the beginning, the sign of Hollywood was written as "Hollywoodland" which was an expression of advertisement for housing development. Yet, four letters in back of the name at the end was removed, and the sing of "Hollywood" kept lying in the edge of the hill till now.

Do you really want to know about hollywood undercover?, I will tell hollywood undercover in the real facts.. ^_^


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